Community Resources

Learn more about the first-generation and low-income community, including the current state and progress of FLI students at Stanford and elsewhere.

Stories and accounts


The recently launched "I AM FLI" alumni website allows Stanford students to connect with Stanford FLI alumni.


At Stanford, inclusion is a ‘lifelong learning process’ - a look into "the Diversity and First-Gen Office (DGen) at Stanford, ... the hub of support for first-generation and low-income students and the nucleus for inclusion and diversity programs."

A short interview with one of many first-generation and/or low-income students at Stanford, a briefing on their community and story.

A detailed report of the hardships, successes, and systemic developments of first generation students through personal accounts.


Research and advice to help fli students


Poor, but Privileged - Harvard Graduate School of Education faculty member Tony Jack discovers and analyzes how some low-income kids come to college more prepared than others, and how can we equalize the pre-college and college experience.

How to Help First-Generation Students Succeed - "A combination of simple nudges and regular check-ins from mentors can go a long way."

Supporting First Gen and Low Income Students - a list of bulletpoints for faculty and instructors on how to support FLI students in and out of the classroom.

Stanford researcher: First-generation college students benefit from discussing class differences - "talking about social class helped first-generation college students reduce the social-class achievement gap by as much as 63 percent" compared to peers who didn't take part in discussion.