Meet our Student Leadership!

IMG_1934 - Emily Lidia Uresti.JPG

Emily Uresti

Conference Chair, she/her

Emily really enjoys the FLI community and everything that it has provided for her as an undergrad. She wants to help create an inclusive and socially aware space for FLI students to grow and learn with each other. She hopes that her love for the FLI Community will shine through once students come to campus.


Jacky Chu

Conference Chair, he/him

Jacky is a junior studying Human Biology from San Francisco. As a Logistics Committee Co-chair last year, Jacky experienced the power of FLICon to empower and bring together the national FLI community. Now as a conference co-chair, he hopes to continue advocating for the community. In his free time, Jacky enjoys boba runs, late-night volleyball, and watching anime.

FLICon - Ruben Anguiano.jpg

Ruben Anguiano

Logistics Committee Co-Chair, he/him

Ruben Anguiano is from Los Angeles, CA and is a Sophomore at Stanford University. He hopes to major in Human Biology and minor in Urban Studies. As Logistics Co-Chair, he is excited to facilitate discussion and initiatives centered around FLI Issues at FLICon and at Stanford. In his spare time, he likes to listen to Hip-Hop, follow sports, and catch up on movies.

140F70BB-D793-41A5-B231-6C38ED22A809 - Jesus Omar Gomez.jpeg

Omar Gomez

Logistics Committee Co-Chair, he/him

Omar Gomez is currently a Sophomore at Stanford University double-majoring in Human Biology and Chicanx/Latinx Studies. He is deeply passionate about FLI issues and is involved in programs such as FLIP and LSP on campus. He had an amazing time at last year’s conference and hopes to make it amazing for everyone else this year!


Stefanie Ky

Publicity Committee Co-Chair, she/her

Stefanie Ky is a senior from Holland, Michigan studying Psychology & Data Science. In addition to returning to the FLI Conference team as one of the Publicity co-chairs this year, she is involved with the FLI community through her student staff position at the Stanford FLI Office. In her free time Stefanie enjoys exploring new places, taking naps & taking walks, looking at the stars, and (online) window shopping.

Janzoille Sotero

Publicity Committee Co-Chair, she/her

Janzoille Sotero is a senior from Sacramento, CA studying Sociology and Psychology with a focus in education. In her free time she likes to nap, think about cats, eat sweets, serve her communities, exist in the company of loved ones, and listen to people’s stories. She’s excited to join the FLI Con team for a second year and can’t wait to meet more folks who are passionate about educational equity!


Reagan Walker

Workshop Committee Co-Chair, she/her

Reagan Walker is a senior at Stanford University majoring in East Asian Studies and Science, Technology, and Society (STS). She believes in fostering spaces where FLI students can be in community with one another and share their stories. When not working on the conference or homework assignments, Reagan loves to read, listen to music, and put on face masks.

Jeff 2 copy - Jeff J Rodriguez.jpg

Jeffrey Rodriguez

Publicity Committee Co-Chair, he/him/they

Jeffrey Rodriguez is a current junior majoring in Sociology and Political Science. Jeffrey hopes to foster a stronger feeling of belonging for FLI students. He is also a member of the First Generation and Low Income Partnership as well as the Director of FLI Community Outreach for the Associated Students of Stanford University Executive Cabinet.


Ian Macato

Fundraising Committee Co-Chair, he/him

Ian Macato is majoring in Symbolic Systems and Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. He hopes to be able to build with/in the FLI community and advocate for equitable resources. In his free time, he organizes with the Pilipino American Student Union and Stanford Asian American Activist Committee, planning, reading and writing.

IMG_4570 - Lorena Diosdado.jpg

Lorena Diosdado

Fundraising Committee Co-Chair, she/her

Lorena Diosdado is a sophomore hailing from Frisco, Texas majoring in art practice and minoring in spanish. She first felt empowered as a first generation, low income student while engaging with the thriving FLI community at Stanford and is excited to expand the community's reach.


Meley Gebresellassie

Hospitality Committee Co-Chair, she/her

Meley Gebresellassie is a senior from Denver, CO studying Human Biology and Theater & Performance Studies. In addition to being on the FLI Con team, she works at the Diversity & First-Generation Office and has been involved with the Leland Scholars Program. She enjoys hiking, sitting in the grass, listening & singing along to music, and spending time with friends!

IMG_1472 - Daniella Bonos Caluza.jpg

Daniella Caluza

Hospitality Committee Co-Chair, she/her

Daniella is a sophomore majoring in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. She is passionate about providing spaces for FLI voices to be heard and recognized. Despite growing up in a low-income neighborhood for almost all her life, Daniella did not fully understand her FLI identity until coming to college. Being a part of this team is her way of giving back to a community that has greatly helped her, and empowering other FLI students. In her free time, she enjoys reading, music, spending time with friends, and balancing her (over)commitments to various groups on campus.


Martin Alcaraz Jr.

Hospitality Committee Co-Chair, he/him

Hailing from East Los Angeles, CA, Martin became the first student in his high school to attend Stanford and the first member in his family to attend a private university. Martin is a recipient of the Gates Millennium Scholarship, Hispanic Scholarship Fund, etc. and a QuestBridge Scholar. Martin’s commitment to the FLI community is evident in his active push for FLI visibility in organizations that he is a part of across campus. Martin is specifically proud of being Mexican (as his parents immigrated from Mexico) and constantly connects with students like him at Stanford in order to see them succeed.