About Us


Meet the Stanford FLI Conference Planning Team!



Ian Macato

Conference Chair, he/him

Ian Macato is majoring in Symbolic Systems and Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. He hopes to be able to build with/in the FLI community and advocate for equitable resources. In his free time, he organizes with the Pilipino American Student Union and Stanford Asian American Activist Committee, planning, reading and writing.

John R. Oberholzer

Conference Chair, he/him/she/her

John R. Oberholzer is proud to be from Oakland, CA and is double majoring in Chemistry and African & African-American Studies. He is passionate about FLI student activism and equity for all marginalized people in higher education. He also enjoys dancing (including Los Salseros de Stanford), swimming, and many adventures in the outdoors.

Jacky serious.jpg


Jacky Chu

Logistics Committee Co-Chair, he/him 

Jacky Chu is a sophomore studying Human Biology at Stanford University. As Logistics Committee Co-Chair, he is enthused to provide a foundation for the conference upon which students can be empowered by their first generation and/or low-income identities.





Matt Wojtaszek

Logistics Committee Co-Chair, he/him

Matt Wojtaszek, hailing from Chicagoland, is a rising senior studying chemical engineering and plans to attend grad school to research polymers and biomaterials. As advocacy committee member and financial officer for Stanford FLIP, Matt has been involved in the first gen / low income community all throughout college and can’t wait to help kick off Stanford’s FLI Conference!

Emily Uresti

Hospitality Committee Co-Chair, she/her

Emily Uresti is currently a sophomore at Stanford University majoring in art practice and minoring in mechanical engineering. She is involved in the first-generation and/or low-income community through her job as a Special Events Team member at the Diversity and First-Generation Office and her participation in the Leland Scholars Program Council.


Stefanie Ky

Hospitality Committee Co-Chair, she/her

Stefanie Ky is a junior at Stanford University originally from Holland, Michigan. In addition to serving as one of the Hospitality Co-chairs for Stanford’s first FLI Conference, she is involved with the Stanford FLI community through her student staff position at the Diversity and First-Gen Office as well as her participation in the Leland Scholars Program. She also enjoys cute stationery, bread, food videos, taking naps, and dogspotting.

Jestin Ma

Publicity Committee Co-Chair, he/him/they

Jestin is a rising senior at Stanford majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Education. He will be part of the publicity arm putting together the Stanford FLI Conference. He didn't know or care about his FLI identity until he came to college, and he has found a wonderful FLI community at Stanford!

Reagan Walker

Publicity Committee Co-Chair, she/her

Reagan Walker is a junior at Stanford University, originally from Charlotte, North Carolina. She is a double major in East Asian Studies and Science, Technology, and Society. Besides being the Publicity Committee Co-Chair for the Stanford FLI Conference, Reagan participates in activist groups and writing for publications on campus.

Jasmin Martinez

Workshop Committee Co-Chair, she/her

Jasmin Martinez is currently a sophomore at Stanford University majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Education. She is a FLI student passionate about working to address education equity. She is also a part of the Leland Scholars Program and, in her free time, she practices meditation and walks dogs at no cost.

Janzoille Sotero

Workshop Committee Co-Chair, she/her

Janzoille Sotero (’19) is a FLI junior studying Psychology and Sociology with a focus in education. In her free time she likes to nap, think about cats, eat sweets, serve her communities, exist in the company of loved ones, and listen to people’s stories.


Kimmy Phan

Fundraising Committee Co-Chair, she/her

Kimmy Phan is a senior at Stanford studying Human Biology and doing an honors thesis in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. She has been involved in First Generation and/or Low-Income Partnership (FLIP) since freshman year and currently serves as the chair for Advocacy Committee. She has taken many advocacy roles in both education and medicine throughout her Stanford years and is excited to take those skills beyond Stanford and in her own community.


Meiko Flynn-Do 

Fundraising Committee Co-Chair, she/her

Meiko Flynn-Do is a junior studying Urban Studies with a concentration on Urban Society and Social Change. She is passionate about building and sustaining communities in their many beautiful and resilient forms. She loves books, long walks with loved ones, twinkle lights, taiko (the Japanese drums) and stories. 

Elizabeth Steen

Hospitality Committee Team Member, she/her

Elizabeth Steen is a FLI sophomore at Stanford University from Berkeley, CA. She’s fond of books, coffee, and travel, and passionate about promoting equal access to education and academic resources. 

FLICon photo.jpg

SunHee Simon

Workshops Committee Member, she/her

SunHee Simon, from Newark, NJ, is a junior double majoring in African & African American Studies and Sociology. She is passionate about equity in urban education and providing opportunities of empowerment for minority students. She coaches high school debaters and, in her free time, loves to listen to music and spend time with friends.


Yearim De Leon

Logistics Committee Member, he/him

Yearim De Leon is a current freshman planning to study International Relations with a minor in Public Policy. He is deeply passionate about FLI issues and creating spaces for students of FLI backgrounds. In his free time he enjoys to make others laugh, blast music, and talk about anything and everything